I parked next to a truck at Walmart with a magnetic sign for The Bryi’s and used my cell the take a photo. I have two dogs that I depend on my daughter/parents to watch when I can’t but I figured the info might come in handy one day. A few months later we had a death in the family and all of us needed to go to Austin for two days. I called The Bryi’s and explained the situation. Even though it was very last minute, she sent a lady over who met with the dogs and went over their schedule, diet, temperament etc. Everything about the meeting was very professional. I was still somewhat leery of depending on a stranger to take care of my pups until I received a call from a neighbor telling me someone was in my yard walking and playing with them. When I got home there was a note reminding me to call Briony to report I made it home, otherwise they’d make an additional trip to check on the dogs (very reassuring if I had been delayed or had car trouble) as well as a report for each visit. I have used their service on a weekend since and had the same excellent service. The difference in the 2nd visit is they already had my keys and information so I just signed up online and it was all just handled. Very convenient and professional, couldn’t ask for a better service.

Laura B.