About Us


The Bryi’s Pet Sitting is family owned and operated.family-cruise

Usually you find Briony running the business, but you sometimes find Bryan, or 12 year old Bryson and 7 year old Brilynn at a job or two. Bryan is often busy running his computer repair business! Our happy little family has expanded to add on employees! It takes a lot of us to make sure that we can cover you and your pet 24 hours a day. Not everyone can be available all the time, so it helps for me to have a handful of people I really trust.

A professional petsitter will come into your home to care for your pets when you are away on vacation, business, or at work.

At The Bryi’s Pet Sitting we truly love all pets. In our house we have four dogs and five cats. I have to tell you, too, that each and every one of our furry friends was rescued in one way or another. We do not support breeding mills. We donate as much time, money, and goods as we can to different animal groups. In fact, I believe so much in animal rescue that I started my own rescue group. You can find more information about it here. Every month I organize donations from all of our clients to deliver to a shelter. I also spend several days a month cleaning cat cages for the MCAS. So, when you hire us, you know that you are going with true pet lovers.

We started the pet sitting business when we moved to The Woodlands from Austin in 2004.

I was a stay at home mom and was looking for something that would include my kids and my love of animals. Now it’s a full time business! I can’t believe I get paid to have fun with all these animals! Okay, well it’s not all fun; there is the whole clean up thing! Most of it is fun though. I love all my furry clients!