tracyI grew up in Ireland where I was a consultant for a large construction, quarrying and waste management company working in planning energy and environmental management. My husband decided to make a great change in February 2012 and moved to Magnolia. I have always been a lover of animals because of their trust, love, and loyalty, so when we moved to Texas I decided to become a pet sitter.

I’ve had animals my entire life but dogs are my favorite, especially the gun dog breeds like Labradors and working cocker spaniels. They are so affectionate and loving. You need to have a sense of fun when you live with a working cocker spaniel because they won’t let you take life too seriously (unless you are paying attention to them) and can make you burst out laughing even when you don’t think it’s possible. Right now, my husband and I share our home with six amazing dogs, and we love every minute of it.