Cat Behavior

Cat-Behavior-2-200x300From litter box problems to making sure all of your cats get along, Briony can help you and your cats live together in harmony.bryis cat behaviour 5

“I’ve always had a passion for animals, but especially for cats, and I’ve always had at least one cat in my life. I was the kid who tracked down every stray or neighborhood cat. I always knew how to treat cats and how to approach them without them being afraid. Today, I have a house full of cats! Once you have more than a couple of cats, it’s really important to keep the peace. I’ve learned that you CAN train cats and there are adjustments that you can make to keep your cats are well balanced and happy.”

Our Rates

In-Home Session – $125

Typically a one-hour session. You’ll receive a questionnaire to complete and return in advance of your scheduled time that will help us make the most of your session. We will discuss the issues you are having with your cat and the goals you wish to accomplish. There will be homework to complete before another session is scheduled.

Sessions are available Tuesday through Thursday except during holidays. Saturdays can be available upon request at an additional charge.


There are plenty of dog trainers, but few behavioral specialists focus on cats. To answer this need, I have added professional training to my lifelong experience with cats. I am certified by NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) in feline behavior, and am continuing to study at the Animal Behavior Institute, a leading educator in animal training.

Most often, people turn their cats into a shelter because of litter box issues; another alternative cat owners choose to avoid the litter box problem is to have their cats live outdoors, something I do not agree with. This is something I have had to deal with in my own house so I know personally how frustrating it can be, but I also know it’s a problem that can be solved.

From litter box problems to making sure all of your cats get along, I can help you and your cats live together in harmony.

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