I have loved animals from the time I can remember. Growing up, I had two dogs and numerous cats. I have never had a period in my life without a pet. When I was a little older, my family and I moved across the globe to Saudi Arabia, where I lived until I was 16 and returned to the states to start school. During my years in Saudi Arabia I was able to travel the world and learn so much about many other cultures. I was also able to rescue many cats, and between my parents and me, we brought back seven from overseas!

Later on in life I got married, moved to The Woodlands and started a family. When my son started preschool, I needed something to occupy my time, and decided to start a pet-sitting business. I love making people happy, making their homes neat and tidy, having them return to a happy home, and I love animals. Pet sitting just felt right.

My business has expanded throughout the years, and I think the reason for its success is because of the dedication that I and my husband and all of our wonderful pet sitters put into it. Because we are a business instead of just one person, we can always accommodate our clients’ needs. We have a safety net in that there is always someone available to respond to a client request, and I think that is so important in the care of living creatures. If you have an emergency, someone from our company will be there to take care of your fur babies, giving you one less thing to worry about.

My pet-sitting business has opened up a lot of new opportunities for me. A few months ago, I started a foster/adoption program called Meows and More Rescue. People frequently called me about cats that needed a home. I would call rescue groups and go through them while I fostered the cats. With my own rescue group, I can be directly involved in the final outcome for each animal, which is important to me because I always fall in love with them! There is not a group in The Woodlands that focuses on cats and rabbits, and I decided that one was needed. Pet sitting gives me the opportunity to do what I love, help those that I love, and be around the things that I love.